“I appreciate the consistent quality of Palmer's temps and mostly, the speed at which you find people to send to me.  That makes my job so much easier.”
— HR Coordinator

About Palmer Staffing Services: Our Business Staffing Division

Law firms are businesses, and Palmer‘s staffing expertise extends to offices of non-legal professional fields as well. Palmer Staffing Services (PSS) supplies professional support-staff candidates—full-time, part-time, or temporary—to offices in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Whether you need an accountant or an executive secretary, we select from among our carefully screened candidates the right match for you: a pro who will “fit” your workplace culture and perform the work you need with a collegial attitude and common sense.

When you need assistance for a deadline project or to fill in for an absent employee—or you want to “try out” a candidate for a full-time job, Palmer Staffing Services can help keep your office running smoothly.

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For more information, a free consultation, or sample rates, please contact Peter McChesney, Vice President, at 202.464.1000 or pmcchesney@plsdc.com.