Founded 1997
A Full-Service Recruiting Firm

Recruitment Process

All candidates are thoroughly vetted by our experienced, professional, and personable recruiting team. Our recruiting process includes:

Screening Candidates – When a potential candidate is identified, the recruiter reviews his or her resume. The recruiter then screens the applicants by telephone to gauge their professionalism, maturity, and positivity

Testing and Paperwork – Before the interview, applicants are tested on their job and computer skills with Aspiring Minds. Applicants also fill out a general application, a supplemental questionnaire, and other paperwork such as tax forms. They receive written information on Palmer’s placement policies, expectations, and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Interviewing – A recruiter thoroughly interviews each applicant, via in-person or video, the most important factor in the process.

References – Palmer calls employment references to check that they are positive and pertain to the candidate’s resume. Palmer ensures that each reference is in a supervisory or managerial position.


Direct Hire – Palmer Legal Staffing bills for direct-hire placements on a contingent-fee basis, payable after the employee’s start date. The fee is based upon the employee’s annual compensation.  We offer an unprecedented industry guarantee for clients of a 6-month unconditional 100% refund.

Temp-to-Hire – For temp-to-hire placements, employers are again billed on contingency, based on annual compensation and payable after the employee has been hired. The fee is reduced $200 for each week completed and is supported by a guarantee that is prorated along with the percentage of the fee reduction.

Temporary – Palmer clients are billed at competitive hourly rates for temporary employees.


All Palmer Legal Staffing temporary candidates are covered by unemployment, workers’ compensation, and general business liability insurance.